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 A Farewell Prayer by Clara Pereira  
A Farewell Prayer
Location: New York, NY
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: Clara Pereira is a Portuguese photographer, currently based in New York City. Her work focuses on documenting and taking portraits of people, life, and human expression. Born in Madeira Island, Portugal—she holds a degree in Communications... MORE
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A Farewell Prayer
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Updated Aug 2020
Location New York City
Topics Capitalism, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Faith, Photography, Religion
A Farewell Prayer documents the lives of the last four Sisters who lived in St. Anthony’s Convent on Prince and Sullivan Street in Soho, NY, during their last two weeks at the convent.

The Allegany Franciscans Sisters have been in the convent building since 1955, and in the parish for 144 years, 6 years after the parish started.

The four Allegany Franciscans nuns, Sisters Kathie, Lois, Gloria, and Rita were a former educator, nurse, accountant, and missionary, respectively, and had lived in the building for many years.
Sister Kathie was there for 25 years, Lois for 37, Gloria for 13, and Rita for 40.  

On January 4, 2018, the priest told them about his decision to lease or sell the convent and, later on, they learned they had to vacate the premises by June 1st.  

These photographs were taken during their last two weeks at the convent before they part ways and went to live at different locations.

Thank you Sisters for having allowed me to document these moments and for always welcoming me with a smile.

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A Farewell Prayer by Clara Pereira
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