Constanza Hevia H.

Photographer & Filmmaker / Based in San Francisco, CA - Santiago, Chile

Constanza Hevia is a Chilean visual storyteller based in San Francisco, California. She documents visual stories focused on social and cultural issues using an anthropological methodology. In her work, Constanza seeks to explore the... read on
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Filmmaker, Journalist, Editor, Director, Videographer, Photo Assistant, Documentary, Creative, Video, Film, Photo Editor, Photography, Portraiture, Art, Freelance, Assignments, Editorial, Photo Shoots, Editing, Audio Visuals, Still Photographer, Portrait Photography, Visual Journalist, Visual Storyteller, Visual Storytelling
Skills: Digital Printing, Photo Assisting, Film Scanning, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier, Photo Editing, Black & White Printing, Photojournalism, Retouching, Video Editing, Film Processing, Film Photography
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