Jose Collantes

Seedy Nature
Location: 07450
Nationality: Peru
Biography: Jose Manuel Collantes is a 21 year old photographer from New Jersey. He is currently earning his BFA in photography at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.
Public Story
Seedy Nature
Credits: jose collantes
Date of Work: 11/13/17 - 12/21/17
Updated: 04/17/18

    Behind closed doors is a story. A place that’s hidden where many devious things go unnoticed. The decaying motels in Lancaster County are a representation of a counterculture. They are empty, they are lonely, and they are imperceptible. These motels are seedy; they hint at the lives of roamers and are a relic of the past.

    I have spent the last three months prowling about these motels, peering into windows and sneaking into empty rooms. These images capture the haunting essence of the individuals who have once been here. I am a voyeur exploring places where I am not welcome, attempting to grasp on to clues and details of a presence unknown. 

    The series comes together to represent the lost narrative of motels where vagrants, prostitutes, drug addicts and criminals have gone to hide. While police reports and news outlets may suggest their presence, these photographs tinge at their true prevalence. 


By Jose Collantes —

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