Jose Collantes

Location: 07450
Nationality: Peru
Biography: Jose Manuel Collantes is a 21 year old photographer from New Jersey. He is currently earning his BFA in photography at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.
Public Story
Credits: jose collantes
Date of Work: 08/16/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/02/19
    Ridgeboiz is an ongoing series that focuses on a brotherhood of skateboarders. The name Ridgeboiz corresponds with the location of the skate park in Ridgewood New Jersey, where skaters come from various locations and backgrounds go to skate and hang out with other locals. By looking at my friend group through the lens of a camera I have learned more and more about them as well as the physical and psychological transition from teenagers to young adults.
    There is something about the fenced in skate park that creates an escape for skateboarders to be free. By examining my close and personal group of friends I attempt to further understand the emerging subculture of the skateboarding world and it’s impact on my friends and I. Through the photographic process I am able to slow down and analyze various themes such as masculinity, communities, and the idea of a place that corresponds to my work and the Ridgeboiz.                  

By Jose Collantes —

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