Jaír F. Coll

Documentary photographer
Location: Cali, Colombia
Nationality: Colombia
Biography: Jaír F. Coll (1997) is a colombian visual journalist whose work focuses on culture as a factor of social transformation. His photography, both intimate and colorful, has been exhibited at the Photo Vogue Festival 2021 and was selected in... MORE
Selected for the Hamburg Portfolio Review
jaír f. coll
Sep 21, 2022
Location: Hamburg
I was one of the 100 selected photographers for the second version of the Hamburg Portfolio Review, carried out in September 17, 2022, through online meetings with top editors and photographers from Europe, the United States, and Asia. The photo essay for which I was selected was 'Black Baby Jesus was born in February', an on-going-project that has been well received at other international events, like Photoville and Photo Vogue Festival.

During the event, I learned a lot from my four reviewers, who work for media such as The Guardian, Wider Images, and Politiken. I hope to improve my ability to tell a story through photos and to continue to increase my professional relationships as a visual journalist.


Hamburg Portfolio Review | Participants 2022
These are the selected emerging photographers of the 2022 Hamburg Portfolio Review. On September 17, 2022, they have the chance to present their work to 50 international experts of the photo industry.
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Selected for the Hamburg Portfolio Review by Jaír F. Coll
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