Bruno Colaço

Photojournalist/Documentary Photographer
30 km
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: Bruno was born in 1984 and he is a Lisbon-based photojournalist and documentary photographer. In 2006 he ended his studies in photography and photojournalism at the Portuguese Institute of Photography. Since then, he has covered news and stories... MORE
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30 km
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Date of Work Nov 2014 - Oct 2015
Updated Apr 2022
Topics Adolescence, Agriculture, Community, Documentary, Dreams, Environment, Food, Forest, Hope, Isolation, Landscape, Nuclear, Nuclear Safety, Personal Projects, Photography, Radioactive, Reportage
On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Station # 4 reactor blew up and burned 190 tons of highly radioactive Uranium and graphite releasing a large amount of these particles into the atmosphere within a radius of 140,000 square kilometers.

It is considered the worst nuclear accident in history, as directly related to the deaths caused by the explosion and to the costs of containment operation and cleaning of radioactive waste, and one of the only two events classified with the maximum level (7), together with Fukushima disaster. The exclusion zone around the nuclear power plant extends for a radius of 30 km (19-mile).

These diptychs try to portray the asymmetries of places located outside and inside that restricted area although much of this region's atmosphere and water are common to the whole region of Chernobyl. A short distance but big differences. The nuclear accident was 33 years ago but the consequences it has left on the land, air, water, and living things will be felt for hundreds of years to come.
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30 km by Bruno Colaço
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