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Corona Wedding
Location: syracuse
Nationality: american
Biography: I was born in Syracuse and grew up in Geneseo, NY, where my sociology professor mother brought public intellectuals to campus. One event stuck—joining Carrie Mae Weems and bell hooks for pizza in their B&B for a late-night snack. As my... read on
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Corona Wedding
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Updated: 04/05/20
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India Bolden and Elvis Jones were married on Friday March 20th in the Onondaga Town Hall as New York State began to shut down from the outbreak of COVID-19. The couple wanted an intimate gathering but didn’t imagine being limited to two guests—a condition of the court. India brought her daughter and Elvis his mother as witnesses.

During the ceremony, her youngest daughter Ellissia waited in the lobby with her niece Jailah. Judge Kerr opened by joking about normally not standing in the back of the room; India responded that he need not explain as they stood six feet apart.