Clary Estes

Photographer, Writer
Those Who Remain
Nationality: United States of America
Biography: Clary Estes is a documentary photographer from Central Kentucky who works internationally on stories about the human condition.

Hundreds of thousands of people from a corner of eastern Europe were forcibly deported as political exiles during two waves of Soviet repression in the 1940s. Many of them died during the journey or in exile. Others returned home with shattered lives. Only a few survive today. "Those Who Remain" tells their stories.

The Stalinist regime devised the deportation program to identify and exile political dissidents from what is now the Republic of Moldova. Those selected, often for reasons having nothing to do with politics, were killed or exiled with their families to remote regions of Kazakhstan and Siberia. Those who survived had to wait years to be liberated. If they managed to return home, they were systematically silenced and shamed by the Soviet and post-Soviet societies. Only recently, long after most of them died, have they been free to speak publicly about their ordeals.

"Those Who Remain" gives voice to these former deportees, and to their children and grandchildren and bears witness to a profoundly important historical event that is little known by the rest of the world, as well as to the lives and deaths of the deportees who lived through it. These survivors have been waiting decades to tell their stories, which are shocking and harrowing, but also inspiring.

See their faces. Listen to their voices. Some are still with us, those who remain.

Sute de mii de oameni dintr-un colÈ› al Europei de est au fost deportaÈ›i cu forÈ›a, fiind consideraÈ›i drept exilaÈ›i politici, de-a lungul celor douāƒ valuri de represiune sovieticāƒ din anii '40. MulÈ›i dintre ei au murit pe drum ori în timpul exilului. AlÈ›ii s-au întors acasāƒ, cursul vieÈ›ii lor frânt pentru totdeauna. Doar câțiva mai trāƒiesc È™i astāƒzi. Proiectul "Cei care au rāƒmas" spune povestea lor. 

Regimul stalinist a conceput programul de deportāƒri drept un mijloc de a identifica È™i exila disidenÈ›ii politici din È›ara cunoscutāƒ astāƒzi ca Republica Moldova. Cei selectaÈ›i, uneori pe motive care nu aveau nimic de-a face cu politica, au fost omorâți ori exilaÈ›i împreunāƒ cu familiile lor în regiuni izolate din Siberia È™i Kazahstan. Cei care au supravieÈ›uit au fost nevoiÈ›i sāƒ aÈ™tepte ani buni sāƒ fie eliberaÈ›i. Cei care au reuÈ™it sāƒ se întoarcāƒ acasāƒ au fost umiliÈ›i È™i reduÈ™i la tāƒcere în mod sistematic de cāƒtre societāƒÈ›ile sovietice È™i post-sovietice. Abia de curând, cu mult dupāƒ ce majoritatea dintre ei au murit, le-a fost îngāƒduit sāƒ vorbeascāƒ liber despre caznele îndurate. 

Proiectul "Cei care au rāƒmas" oferāƒ o voce foÈ™tilor deportaÈ›i, copiilor È™i nepoÈ›ilor lor. Reprezintāƒ dovada unui eveniment istoric de o importanÈ›āƒ considerabilāƒ, prea puÈ›in cunoscut de restul lumii. AceÈ™ti supravieÈ›uitori au aÈ™teptat zeci de ani ca sāƒ-È™i spunāƒ poveÈ™tile, poveÈ™ti care sunt È™ocante È™i cutremurāƒtoare, dar È™i pline de speranÈ›āƒ. 

PriviÈ›i-le chipul! AscultaÈ›i-le glasul! Unii se aflāƒ încāƒ printre noi, cei care au rāƒmas.

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