Clary Estes

Photographer, Writer
Flower Portraits
Nationality: United States of America
Biography: Clary Estes is a documentary photographer from Central Kentucky who works internationally on stories about the human condition.
Public Story
Flower Portraits
There was once a woman
Who loved a man
So much
That it broken her into little pieces.

He was a good man,
But he could not love her back.

Not because she was unlovable.
Not because he could not love.
But simply because he could not love her back.

The woman,
Floated away.

Passing over the earth
Like a great storm,
She grasped at the strands of life.

She clung softly to the earth in pieces,
Breaking a little each time.

One day,
She came to resemble
Fallen leaves in the wind.

By Clary Estes —

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