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Nationality: United States of America
Biography: Clary Estes is a documentary photographer from Central Kentucky who works internationally on stories about the human condition.
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“Zurumbatico” at Cortona on the Move (Interview with Luis Cobelo)
clary estes
Oct 5, 2017
Cortona on the Move may be over, but you should still check out Luis Cobelo's "Zurumbatico"!

From August 13th until the 17th I attended the Cortona On the Move Photography Festival in Cortona, Italy. Here are some of the photography exhibits and workshops that interested me the most. I was lucky enough to talk with Luis Cobelo about his exhibition “Zurumbatico.” Here are some excerpts from that interview, as well as a discussion about his show.

Located in the Vecchio Ospital in Cortona, Italy, “Zurumbatico” utilizes and plays with the space in which it is exhibited. Much like it’s neighbour “Foreigners” it uses the old hospital to emphasis it’s themes, rather than fight to look like your standard photography exhibit. And yet, “Zurumbatico” is a wildly different photography exhibit.

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