Clary Estes

Photographer, Writer
Nationality: United States of America
Biography: Clary Estes is a documentary photographer from Central Kentucky who works internationally on stories about the human condition.
#MeToo Photojournalism
clary estes
Oct 28, 2017
Ever since the rise of #MeToo and the murder of the journalist Kim Wall I have been thinking about violence and assault towards female journalists and photojournalists on assignment, especially through the lens of my own experiences. Odds are that you are either a woman who has posted #MeToo, or you are a man who has been blown away by the amount of #MeToo posts. While I know that there are people falling outside of these groups they seem to be in the majority and this article is not about the subtleties of the movement but rather a subsection of the movement; female photojournalists who have experienced assault while on the job.

In short, I am hear to talk about my experiences and observations...

#MeToo Photojournalism – 4WD Magazine – Medium
Ever since the rise of #MeToo and the murder of the journalist Kim Wall I have been thinking about violence and assault towards female…


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