Francesco Chiot

The Eight Million Audience
Location: Trieste
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Francesco Chiot is an independent photographer and videomaker.  During his ten year activity as a photographer he collaborated with visual artists, musicians and performers to explore the connections between identity, perception and... read on
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The Eight Million Audience
The Eight Million Audience

New York has a love/hate relationship with street performers. For more than a hundred years, since the opening of the first subway line in 1904, various administrations have tried to regulate or prohibit underground performances as well as on the streets, while artists and activists have reclaimed spaces and rights through court actions and by performing.

The subway network of New York is the beating heart of the city. Millions of people ride the trains everyday, in a routine made of chrome, cement and noise. The prowess of these musicians can knock the passersby from their routine, make them stomp their feet and miss the train, an electric pulse for the sleeping souls of commuters.

By Francesco Chiot —



By Francesco Chiot — Quotidiano Percettivo is born as a notebook about exploring inner feelings and relative perception of reality in a context of mental instability. In..

AR Fincantieri Hockey Club - A2F

By Francesco Chiot — Promotional shoot for AR Fincantieri  's first female team, playing in the pro national A2 league.


By Francesco Chiot

Live Gigs

By Francesco Chiot — Documenting the rock scene in the Italian North East since 2009


By Francesco Chiot — [IR]REALE "Quando parliamo di realtà ciò che naturalmente fa la nostra mente è definire qualcosa per contrapposizione, e in questo caso in..
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