Francesco Chiot

Live Gigs
Location: Trieste
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Francesco Chiot is an independent photographer and videomaker.  During his ten year activity as a photographer he collaborated with visual artists, musicians and performers to explore the connections between identity, perception and... read on

By Francesco Chiot —



By Francesco Chiot — Quotidiano Percettivo is born as a notebook about exploring inner feelings and relative perception of reality in a context of mental instability. In..

AR Fincantieri Hockey Club - A2F

By Francesco Chiot — Promotional shoot for AR Fincantieri  's first female team, playing in the pro national A2 league.


By Francesco Chiot

The Eight Million Audience

By Francesco Chiot — The Eight Million Audience New York has a love/hate relationship with street performers. For more than a hundred years, since the opening of the..


By Francesco Chiot — [IR]REALE "Quando parliamo di realtà ciò che naturalmente fa la nostra mente è definire qualcosa per contrapposizione, e in questo caso in..
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