Chidinma Nnorom
Visual Artist & Photographer
This is a documentation of architectures & communities on the verge of extinction in Lagos Nigeria, giving way to the contemporary style buildings hidden behind tall fences and gates. The advent of colonialism in the 1800s was one of the key factors in the drastic, irreversible alteration of ‘indigenous’ Lagosian architecture. The other significant factor that impacted upon Lagos’s architectural landscape was the slave abolition act, passed on the 25th of May 1807, which saw the repatriation of thousands of Yoruba ex-slaves and freemen (known as Agudas from Cuba or Saros from Brazil) from all over the Americas but particularly Brazil, and Cuba to the country of their roots. Most of these were skilled artisans and masons and brought with them a much grander style of architecture: Brazilian Baroque architecture. This much more aesthetically-pleasing style incorporated mostly Portuguese architecture with a few trademark motifs of their own like floral motifs and chunky concrete columns. Also interesting about these architectures are the detailed low fences, gates & signature window styles.
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Updated May 2022
Topics Art, Documentary, Photography