Cherilyn Beckles

Production Coordinator
United We Stand Divided We Fall
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: Caribbean-American
Biography: My name is Cherilyn Beckles and I am a photographer/videographer in the New York Area. Ever since I was a child  I was engaged with media in some sense, whether I was taking photos on my mother’s old digital camera or making videos of... MORE
Public Story
United We Stand Divided We Fall
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Updated Nov 2020
Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Daniel Prude. These are just a few names of unarmed African Americans that were killed in America this year. Cries around the country pleaded for our government to fight alongside racism and police brutality but many times those cries were stifled by teargas and unlawful arrests. In Syracuse, NY leaders of the protest vowed to march for 40 days in hopes that Syracuse officials would enact those changes. Here are moments during that time.