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Shaolin Kids
Location: israel
Nationality: israeli
Biography: Â Â I was born in London in 1966 to Israeli parents. We moved back there in 1975 and I completed my formal education and 4 years of national service in the Israeli Air Force as a Computer Service Engineer. It was during that time that I discovered... read on
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Shaolin Kids
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Date of Work Sep 2019 - Sep 2019
Updated Dec 2019
Location dengfeng,china
Xiaolong Martial Arts Academy is one of the most established of it's kind in China and the world. It is situated near Shaolin Mountain, the birthplace of Shaolin Kungfu.  Having seen a documentary about Shaolin Monks I decided to visit the area and document the rigorous training.  I travelled to China, Just before the 70th anniversary of the revolution celebrations and managed to gain restricted access to certain areas of the school. Over a few day I documented the daily training of students in the academy. As well as capturing large assemblies of students moving as one unit, I tried also to focus on the individual. I hope to continue the project in the future and show more aspects of the student's life in the academies.