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Documentary Photographer
Location: London, UK
Nationality: British
Biography: Celine Marchbank is a slow and acute observer of daily life, fascinated by the quiet details of domesticity, and the often overlooked stories within. Celine’s first book; Tulip, the story of the last year of her mother's life, was... read on
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Credits: celine marchbank
Updated: 09/08/16
Location: London

In September 2009 my Mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, the worst it could be. This meant that the cancer had already spread to distant parts of the body, she had developed a secondary tumour in her brain and a third near her spine. Following a succession of emotionally and physically debilitating treatments including brain operations, chemotherapy, new drug trials and radiotherapy, it was clear that nothing was working. It was too late. By April 2010 they had confirmed it was terminal.

I’d begun simply by documenting her treatments, but as it became more apparent that she wasn’t going to get any better, the photographs began to be not just of her, but of things she loved, things that reminded me of her and things I wanted to remember about her.

Having painfully come to terms with the fact she was going to die, I decided I didn’t want this project to become a graphic portrayal of her death. My mother was an amazing woman, and it would have been impossible, and wrong, to focus only on the dying part. I wanted to look at the things that made her uniquely her. Her love of flowers was a beautiful part of her personality; the house was always full of them, and I realised as I photographed them, that they were symbolic of what was happening - they represented happiness, love, kindness and generosity, but also isolation, decay, and finally death.

Her house was, like she was, so individual. She had distinctive, slightly childlike taste, loving anything bright and cheerful, especially stripes. I needed to document it all. This project became not just about her, but our family home, our life, and of course, her beloved cats.

In 2016 I published this project into a photobook with Dewi Lewis Publishing, it was met with widespread critical acclaim and has been exhibited and published widely nationally and internationally, including being named Photo Book of the Month by Sean O’Hagan in The Observer and Photo Book of The Week by Photo-Eye

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Selected press:

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Creative Review Photography Annual – Personal Work category winner

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The Times Literary Supplement - Book review

Further images of the book can be seen here

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