Celine Marchbank

Documentary Photographer
The Wye
Location: London, UK
Nationality: British
Biography: Celine Marchbank is a slow and acute observer of daily life, fascinated by the quiet details of domesticity, and the often overlooked stories within. Celine’s first book; Tulip, the story of the last year of her mother's life, was... read on
Public Story
The Wye
Credits: celine marchbank
Updated: 11/22/16

After winning the Hereford Photography Festival Open Here Award, I was commissioned to produce a locally based project to be exhibited as a solo show at the following years festival. I chose to look at Hereford’s waterway the River Wye. The river starts in the Welsh hills, snakes across the English & Welsh border, and flows all the way down into the Severn Estuary. I travelled the length of it over a few months, mostly by foot (in the wettest summer on record). I discovered the river was not as much a hub of activity as I had first imagined, I spent many days walking along the riverbank; just me, my camera and a backpack for company. The project became more about the feelings I was experiencing along my, at times very lonely, journey down the river.

This project received a Honourable Mention at the Magenta Flash Forward Awards.


By Celine Marchbank —

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