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Milan - Przemsyl - Milan - From Milan to refugee centers in Poland on the border with Ukraine
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italy
Biography: I'm photographer, filmmaker and visual storyteller. I started taking pictures, originally focusing on societal and anthropological photographic studies. I alternate photography and direction of documentaries and video clips. I'm based in... MORE
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Milan - Przemsyl - Milan - From Milan to refugee centers in Poland on the border with Ukraine
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Updated Mar 2022
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Life sometimes knocks on doors in an unexpected way.
Monday 7 /3.  9pm. Meeting point: Piazza Repubblica
There is Gianni, policeman, Martino, who organized the trips, and Fulvio,
a former chemical engineer with a thousand passions.
Many friends have brought medicines, blankets, personal hygiene items, baby food and camping equipment,
10:30 pm.  We leave. The night is clear. The kilometers run under the tires of the vans.
Bergamo, Verona, Venice, Udine, Tarvisio..  Here is the first border, Austria ...
It's 4am on Tuesday.
Slowly the lights reveal the landscapes of Tyrol.
We stop in Graz.
The fatigue of the almost sleepless night overwhelms me.
I wake up just before the Czech  border. Many other vans and campers are crossing the Polish border to bring aid to Ukrainian refugees.
We are about halfway. In about seven hours we should arrive at the border between Poland and Ukraine.
An accident stops us for a couple of hours. A truck overturned.
We stop for the night in Dębica no far to our destination.
Wednesday 9 March. 6 am. The snow is falling. It will slow down the journey.
A quick breakfast and off we go. On the road various convoys with aid for the Ukrainian populations.
In a service area, a mini van of a humanitarian mission with a priest, Father Frank. He lived in Italy. He comes from Slesia. Their destination is in Ukrainian territory.
A little dog asks a little girl to cuddle.
In Medika, the flow of Ukrainians crossing the border is continuous. Mostly women and children. Polish soldiers help those fleeing the drama of war. The solidarity of volunteers and NGOs from various parts of the world, who assist those fleeing the war, is impressive.
There are those who traveled by bus, those who arrived by car thanks to family members, but also those who faced kilometers on foot, in the cold.
But not everyone has who can welcome them in Poland and they continue helped by NGOs, Polish civil protection or private individuals.
Hundreds of refugees are accommodated in a former shopping center .
On the entrance the DRIVER REGISTRATION .
Even the Italian civil protection has done its part.
Hundreds of beds have been placed in Hall No.13. The Italian volunteers manage, the transfers of refugees in Italy.
While we are waiting for our turn to unload the they calls us to warn that they have made up two groups of refugees.
There is Julia, 19, with her little child Andreji of a few months.
There is Lyibov, by Cernigov
Inna and Misha
Inna speaks Italian. She adore Italy and have studied the language. Misha, her son is fourteen, he will have to learn it.
Vera. From Kiev. She was accompanied by her husband who then went back to take care of the elderly father.
After the checks we leave. The journey will be long. We will have to face another night of travel.
But this time to get to a safe place in Italy.
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Milan - Przemsyl - Milan - From Milan to refugee centers in Poland on the border with Ukraine by carlo Bevilacqua
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