carlo Bevilacqua

Photographer Filmmaker Creative Director / Storytelling
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italy
Biography: I'm photographer, filmmaker and visual storyteller. I started taking pictures, originally focusing on societal and anthropological photographic studies. I alternate photography and direction of documentaries and video clips. I'm based in... read on
Panama. Where The Ocean Kiss Each Other
carlo bevilacqua
Jan 23, 2019
August 15, 2019 is the 500th anniversary of the city of Panama. Its channel connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific is the largest engineering undertaking ever built in its kind and has completely revolutionized freight transport around the world. The Canal is today the most important in the world from a strategic point of view. Already since 1534 there have been attempts to facilitate trade between the two oceans through the jungle. Prior to the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, the ships that wanted to reach California from New York by circumnavigating South America . But the canal is not just a waterway. Cultures, economies and ecosystems are spread over the dense network of rivers that feed the two artificial lakes of Gatun and Miraflores. Around the Panama Canal expansion and maintenance works are constant, in addition to the tourist visits, fishing and the activities of the great ports of Colon and Panama that today is a seductive mix of skyscrapers, sunny squares and old colonial mansions of the historical Casco Vijeo, luxurious marinas for yachts and, of course, the canal.
 Carlo Bevilacqua

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