Carlos Bernate

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Location: Richmond
Nationality: Colombia
Biography: Carlos Bernate is a Colombian documentary photographer whose work is focused on human rights, identity, and social humanitarian-related issues. Currently, he is dedicated to documenting his community in Richmond, Virginia, where he has been based... read on
Public Project
No Right, No Choice
"No Right, No Choice" born as a position of denunciation against the attacks that the U.S. government is committing with its new repressive policies towards the human rights of the Latin American community.

This photographic essay aims to evidence the idea of "home" what it means to us immigrants, since for many immigrants this is the second time they have to flee their homes of such repression.

I didn’t choose to immerse myself into the life of my community in Richmond, VA, I was called for, as they’re being forced to hide from law enforcement, their only crime, request asylum and survive. Therefore, for me, documenting and supporting them it's a matter of survival especially when emergencies occur where some families must pack and flee to a church that receives them in sanctuary.

We are living a period of time in the U.S. where justice is not there anymore, for me as an immigrant who fled the violence of my home country tell these untold stories is personal more now that is affecting the lives of friends, family and even my own.


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