Cate Dingley

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Nationality: American
Biography: CATE DINGLEY (b. 1989) is a photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2018, Dingley was selected by Magenta Flash Forward as one of 100 international emerging photographers and in 2017 she was listed by TIME as one of 34 female photographers... read on
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Announcing the Ezy Ryders book pre-order on Kickstarter, now live!
cate dingley
Nov 18, 2021
Location: New York City
The Artist Edition presents Ezy Ryders: the unexpected story of New York City’s Black motorcycle clubs, a monograph by Cate Dingley. Photographed over five years, Ezy Ryders tails New York City’s Black bikers to bike blessings, charity runs, bikini bike washes, and anniversary parties, highlighting the under-looked culture’s vices and victories. Ten riders share their personal experiences of the MC world, their narration weaving through the photographs.
The black and white film photographs pull the reader into a scene that’s usually off-limits to outsiders; one in which the riders find a bond that can be even deeper than blood, a community that will let them defy stereotypes and denounce societal expectations. And the 30-page interview text, edited as a conversation between the ten bikers, examines contentious issues like race, gender, and club politics, with brutal honesty. Essayist, journalist, and advocate Jimmie Briggs writes a timely foreword, and long-time rider in the scene Imir Leveque contributes a “Biker’s Glossary” to clarify the culture’s terminology and traditions.
From November 17—December 17, 2021, Cate Dingley & The Artist Edition will be raising funds for the book’s design and printing via a Kickstarter pre-order. The book will be designed by Martin Farran-Lee & Steen Sundland, and it will be printed in Denmark at Narayana Press.

Ezy Ryders: NYC's Black Bikers
A photo book documenting New York City's African-American motorcycle clubs, interwoven with intimate rider testimony

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