mara catalan

Photographer/artist/black and white fine art printer
Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: Spanish
Biography:     I’m an immigrant to New York from Spain, I’m a story teller, a photographer and a videographer, a printer and a book maker.  I’m also an avid collector of histories and a lover of archives. My grandfather and my... read on
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Williamsburg, A Place I Once Called Home will be distributed now in Japan!
mara catalan
Mar 27, 2019
thrilled that my book Williamsburg, A place i once Called Home will be now distributed in Japan, there are 20 signed books with a Reminders Photography Stronghold special complimentary poster, I made a very special edition numbered and signed.
Mara is one of 2015 Photobook as object workshop participants.
Williamsburg, A Place I Once Called Home, is a coming-of-age story of a Spanish immigrant who moved to New York in 1990 and stayed. With little money and no concrete plan, Mara found a cheap place to live and people who cared for her in Williamsburg, an industrial neighborhood then in decline, across the bridge in Brooklyn. With a distinctive style, Mara weaves B&W urban landscapes, intimate portraits, and lyrical street scenes with stories, personal letters, and diary entries in both Spanish and English.At once a wonderful record of a particular epoch and a historical archive of many places in Williamsburg that have either radically changed or ceased to exist, the book is a window into the life of a woman strongly connected to her changing and expanding world, and also very much tied to where she comes from. More than two decades later Mara continues to live in Williamsburg, a reluctant witness to the massive transformation and the disappearance of familiar places and faces. This book is her ode to what it once was, a place she once called home.


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