Harvey Castro

Photographer, Visual Artist
Justice for George: 8FORTY6
Location: Oakland, California
Nationality: Nicaraguan
Biography: Harvey Castro is a documentary photographer and visual artist working on documenting social movements within BIPOC communities that narrate resistance and resilience. Sociopolitical issues related to inequality and diversity are central to his... read on
Public Story
Justice for George: 8FORTY6
In July 2019, I went to visit family in Mississippi. I’d wake up early to stretch and go for a morning run around their sub-division. Every day, as I made my way out the door, I remember to take note of their address and to make sure I had their contact info accessible just in case something came up. As I ran around the neighborhood, I always maintained situational awareness, taking mental notes on the surrounding environment. I made sure to present myself in the least threatening way possible to smile as I passed people.

When the protests following George Floyd’s death began, a friend asked me why I was photographing them. I learned about being the “you people” at an early age. My attentiveness and actions on these early morning runs were to avoid any trouble. Black, indigenous, and people of color have been getting lynched, murdered, raped, and socially and economically shackled for centuries. Sometimes, for something as simple as looking at someone. You could say my action was in response to psychological trauma passed from generation to generation. However, the time to break this tradition is now more than ever.

As a photographer, immigrant, and person of color, I feel I have a duty to document them. When I’m out there, I’m looking for those moments that signify a feeling, thought, or emotion that reflects people’s distaste for how this country’s leadership handles things. When I’m out there, I’m not just creating photographs of a protest; I’m participating in a social movement towards equity and justice. These images are my voice in this movement. Because as long as there is no justice, there will be no peace.

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