Koral Carballo

Photographer and Visual Storyteller
Location: Puebla, México
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Koral Carballo ( b. Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico in 1987) Photographer and visual storyteller explores recurrently new visual narratives related to identity, violence and territory, in addition to expanding the frontiers of photography from... read on
Education and Lecture. Teacher Workshop with Anita Pouchard Serrra at Congreso Internacional Fotografas Latam - Colombia
koral carballo
Aug 27, 2019
An unprecedented event that will bring together the best of female talent in the visual field in Latin America and will be accompanied by great exponents who will share their experiences within different activities prepared for the audience.

Fotógrafas Latinoamericanas | Fotógrafas Latam

By Koral Carballo —

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Lecture. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated. Contemporary African Art Fair 1-54 U.K.

By Koral Carballo — 1-54 London returns at Somerset House, 8-10 October 2020. Over the past seven years 1-54 has established..
Media News

Publication. Mala Hora (At the Wrong Time) at Femmes Photographers Magazine in Paris, France

By Koral Carballo / Paris, France — ...] The astonishment, when it seizes us, isolates us and prevents us from thinking. It throws us violently..

Assignment. 'Learn at home' by Trasluz Collective for The Washigton Post.

By Koral Carballo — Photographers across Mexico have been documenting the challenges of distance learning Schools in China..
News Spotlight

Collective Screening. 'We Were always Here' at Tbilis Photo Festival in Asia

By Koral Carballo — I am very happy that my work will be screened at the Tbilisi Photo Festival with the project "We were..
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Assignment. This is not a chain by Ruda Colectiva on Planeta Futuro - El País.

By Koral Carballo / San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, México — The impact of the crisis of the covid-19, told from the perspective of 11 women photographers in different..
Events News

Fellow. Artist Grant to Welcome to Intipucá City Project

By Koral Carballo — Koral Carballo, Anita Pouchard Serra and Jessica Ávalos, members of Welcome to Intipucá City..

Collective Exhibition. Foto Féminas Online Exhibition

By Koral Carballo — I participate in the online exhibition of Foto Féminas with my work "Casa Tomada". This..

Fellow. The Bronx Documentary Center - Darryl Chappel Grant

By Koral Carballo — The Darryl Chappell Foundation , a Washington, DC headquartered private nonprofit, is partnering with the..

Assignment. The Food Chain in Latin America in the Time of COVID-19 - National Geographic Latinamerica RUDA Colectiva

By Koral Carballo — A project carried out jointly by women photographers from different parts of the region, within the..

Interview. Carnival and photography: behind the mask we are - Vist Projects

By Koral Carballo — In Veracruz there is a town famous for its carnival. It is called Coyolillo and is one of the few..

Publication. Welcome to Intipucá Project - Witness World Press Photo by Foto Féminas

By Koral Carballo — Foto Féminas presents: Welcome to Intipucá A selection from Latin American and Caribbean..

Interview. Afro-Descendants In Mexico: “We Were Always Here”

By Koral Carballo — Mexican photographer and artist Koral Carballo spoke to Contemporary And Latin America (C&AL) about the..

Nominee. 2020 Joop Swart Masterclass

By Koral Carballo — The World Press Photo Foundation is pleased to announce the 196 nominees for the Joop Swart Masterclass,..

Finalist. Emerging Talent Award The Indepent Photographer 2020

By Koral Carballo — – Theme: Emerging Talent /  Competition Judge:  Elizabeth Krist The Emerging Talent Award..

Fellow. Student Women Photograph Workshop 2019: America Latina

By Koral Carballo — Del 12 al 15 de diciembre 2019 Quito, Ecuador Costo de inscripción: $80 USD Cobertura de gastos de..

Mentor. 20 Photographers Guatemala

By Koral Carballo — With great excitement we present to you the selected tutors of 20 Atitlan Photographers! The selection..

Lecture. Women more than photographs at Encuentro Internacional de Fotografía Luna 2019 - Colombia

By Koral Carballo — Participate as a speaker at the festival Encuentro Internacional de Fotografía Luna 2019 in..

Assignment. A Salt Harvest In Yucatan State As Flat Economy Leaves Growth Far Short of AMLO's Targets - Bloomberg News

By Koral Carballo —  A Salt Harvest In Yucatan State As Flat Economy Leaves Growth Far Short of AMLO's Targets -..

Fellow. We Women Grant

By Koral Carballo — ABOUT THE PROJECT Welcome to Intipucá City is a collaborative transmedia documentary project that..

Assignment. The Death and Life of Frankie Madrid - California Sunday Magazine

By Koral Carballo — Frankie couldn’t come back across the border, but his ashes could. They traveled in a small red wood..

Publication. More than 1,300 from around the world competed for Women Photograph grants. Here are the winners.

By Koral Carballo — Photographer Koral Carballo, whose work is shown above, is the winner of this year’s $10,000 Women..

Fellow. Women Photograph + Getty Images Grant 2019

By Koral Carballo — The 2019 Women Photograph Grantees Women Photograph is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2019..

Finalist. Voies Off Arles Prize 2019

By Koral Carballo — Chapter 1 of the project "We were always here" was selected as a finalist for the Voies Off Arles..

Publication. Foto Féminas - May’s featured photographer is Koral Carballo

By Koral Carballo — May’s featured photographer is Koral Carballo Koral Carballo is a Mexican photographer born in..
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