Btihal Remli

the djinni diaries - Recipes
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
Nationality: German & Moroccan
Biography: Btihal Remli ( b. 1987, Germany) is a visual storyteller focused on art and documentary photography. Based in Morocco,  where her family is originally from, Btihal explores stories related to identity, religion and belief, gender and... read on
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the djinni diaries - Recipes
Copyright btihal remli 2021
Date of Work 02/01/18 - Ongoing
Updated 11/19/19
Location Morocco
The djinn are supernatural creatures, described in the Quran. It is written that Allah made them out of smokeless fire. The djinn can be believers or non-believers; they can be good or bad; they can possess a human body. In Morocco, djinn have a presence throughout stories passed down from generation to generation, and their existence goes even beyond the metaphysical plane. They can also be a convenient explanation for mental health issues, or an excuse for problems that are difficult to defend in the eyes of a judgmental society, including the reasons a young woman never married.
The belief in djinn allows people to have faith that something spiritual, not Allah, can help fulfill their desires. 
Women can invoke the djinn to gain bit of power so often denied to them in Moroccan society. By using witchcraft they can instrumentalize the djinn. Magic is mostly used for love, to get married, to prevent a divorce, which can put women in a difficult situation in moroccan culture, or to make someone fell in love with. But there are also other sides – witchcraft can be also used to harm somebody and at the same time to create help in difficult situations through acceptance and access recipes.

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