Btihal Remli

Country of Women
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
Nationality: German & Moroccan
Biography: Btihal Remli ( b. 1987, Germany) is a visual storyteller focused on art and documentary photography. Based in Morocco,  where her family is originally from, Btihal explores stories related to identity, religion and belief, gender and... read on
Public Story
Country of Women
Copyright btihal remli 2021
Date of Work 05/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated 11/19/19
In the valleys of the High Atlas in Morocco, where small Amazigh communities and some families are still living on itinerant pasture, the women are usually in charge of the animals: a cow, two or three goats, a few hens, and a donkey for carrying. There are only a few men and they are really discreet: adults are at the market in the valley, young men go abroad, and the elderly do some maintenance tasks here and there. Here, women and young girls are running entire villages. These women ensure the survival of a territory and are gaining visibility, power and independence. ‘Country of Women’ unveils the daily routine of this and offers an important socio-economical portrait of contemporary rural Morocco.

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