BRYCE Watanasoponwong

Photographer and visual storyteller
A Lifetime Together
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Nationality: Thai-Australian
Biography: BRYCE Watanasoponwong is a Thai-Australian photographer.  He is interested in producing a narrative series that evoke emotion and make a personal impact. Becoming more involved in how his photography is perceived, through his camera and on... read on
Public Story
A Lifetime Together
Credits: bryce watanasoponwong
Updated: 05/11/20
Location: Trenton, Missouri

The Ratliff's: Seven Decades of Married Life in Trenton

     Jay Ratliff, 91, and his beloved wife, Mary Ratliff, 89, have lived a full life. Married for 71 years, they have raised six children, helped raise their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and still spend most Tuesday evenings at the local dance hall.  Over the years, however, Jay's health has declined. Now he carried an oxygen tank everywhere and his condition precludes long-distance travel. Yet, despite his deteriorating condition, Jay stays positive, independent and active.



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By Bryce Watanasoponwong / Bangkok — " Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one, "  –Albert Einstein. What i..

Ordinary Wonders

By Bryce Watanasoponwong — "I just happen to like ordinary things. When I paint them I don't try to make them extraordinary...
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