Brigitte Grignet

Location: Liege, Belgium
Nationality: Belgian/American
Biography: Brigitte Grignet is a Belgian photographer focusing in a more personal type of documentary photography. She studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York, where she lived for 15 years. She worked with Mary Ellen Mark... read on
Workshop in San Agustin (Oaxaca, Mexico) in August!
brigitte grignet
Jul 12, 2018
I will be giving a workshop this summer in CaSa in San Agustin (30 min from Oaxaca) in Mexico. Registration just opened! 

August 6th-10th, 2018

Centro de las Artes de San Agustin, Oaxaca, Mexico


     Taller de Fotografía. “Ojos bien abiertos” – Centro de las Artes de San Agustin

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Events News

"VU'par ses photographes"- Online Print Auction

By Brigitte Grignet — Drouot (Paris) is organizing an online print auction with limited editions, vintage prints, unique pieces,..

Polonia Finalist of the ISEM Photo Prize 2020

By Brigitte Grignet — Polonia is finalist of the Grand Prix ISEM 2020 in France, with Mélanie Wenger, Cristóbal..
Events News

The Female Gaze-Online Print Sale to help women in need

By Brigitte Grignet — In light of the current COVID-crisis, many invisible struggles such as poverty, gender inequality and..

"Palestine-Unfortunately it was Paradise" at the new Vraiment??? Festival in Bourg-en-Bresse (F)

By Brigitte Grignet — My Palestine work will be displayed in Bourg-en-Bresse (France) Nov 7th-30th, 2018 MJC 21 A allée de..
Events News

A new photo festival opens June23rd in Antwerp (BE)

By Brigitte Grignet — With a.o. Iconobelge , an exhibition that showcases the work by more than 30 Belgian photographers...

The girl in the wind available at JPB Editions

By Brigitte Grignet — The cover of my book is now available as an 11x14' framed selenium-toned silver print  (white..
Events News

Present Perfect receives the Prix de la Ministre de la Culture (Museum of Photography in Charleroi)

By Brigitte Grignet — The Museum of Photography in Charleroi (Belgium) awarded Present Perfect  the Prize of the Minister of..
Events News

Present Perfect selected for the 17th Prix National Photographie Ouverte (Museum of Photography in Charleroi)

By Brigitte Grignet — The Museum of Photography in Charleroi (Belgium) selected Present Perfect for its 17th edition of the Prix..

Giving Tuesday- Magnum Foundation

By Brigitte Grignet — Magnum Foundation gave me the invaluable chance to start my project "Welcome" and it gave teenage..
Exhibitions News

Welcome in Singapore

By Brigitte Grignet — « Welcome » will be showcased at the Singapore Biennale, as part of the « Women in Photography »..
Exhibitions News

Chiloé-La Cruz del Sur at Unexposed Festival in Leuven (Belgium)

By Brigitte Grignet — Chiloé-La Cruz del Sur will be exhibited at KADOC in Leuven during the Unexposed festival September..
Awards News

"Welcome" receives the support of the Magnum Emergency Fund

By Brigitte Grignet — My new project Welcome has been selected by the Magnum EF...

"Present Perfect" at Galerie Satellite (Liège, Belgium)

By Brigitte Grignet — Galerie Satellite in Liège (Belgium) presents "Present Perfect", a collection of pictures from my monograph,..

Introducing Journal du Sud

By Brigitte Grignet — Journal du Sud is a photographic diary, a visual dialogue between 4 photographers. 2 of them live in Chile..

Past: 100 Words: Picturing the Poetry of Place

By Brigitte Grignet — 100 Words   is a series in which photographers describe their work, in their own words. Curated by..
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