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Location: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American
Biography:   The youngest of eleven brothers and sisters, Brittany was born in Asuncion, Paraguay to an American family living abroad. Having been raised in South America as well as Namibia, Africa before moving to the States, she became impassioned by... read on
Getting Beneath the Fabric with Ziran the Label
brittany brooks
Jul 11, 2018

There are those of us who dress for function, throwing our clothes on in the morning without much attention to detail, and those who select each garment carefully, piecing together a look as if creating a work of art. For the latter, getting dressed is an exercise in self-expression, a daring walk along an intangible tightrope separating ‘effortless cool’ from ‘trying too hard’ that might prove too fearful for the average joe, but there is something to be said for placing value in what you put on. Whether you rock the same threads for years or you follow the trends, fashion involves personal decision, and new designers are placing more weight on the power of choice, seeking to influence not only where you spend your money, but what impact that purchase makes on the bigger picture. Kelly Shanahan is one of these conscious creatives. Her label Ziran is designed and manufactured with heart, creating garments that carry rich history through processes that support small communities, all the while making us look damn good. After sitting down to discuss everything from sourcing fabric to hand-stitching, we’ve got a whole new outlook on what we want in our wardrobe.

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Getting Beneath The Fabric With Ziran The Label
Kelly Shanahan creates clothing that carries rich history, supports small communities and all the while makes us look damn good.


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