Bram Penninckx

Documentary photographer
All is not quiet on the homefront
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: My name is Bram Penninckx and I’m a photographer based in Brussels. Ever since I was a teenager, I was fascinated by photography.  Via successively the local art school, a specialized secondary school for audio-visual arts and the... read on
Public Story
All is not quiet on the homefront
Credits: bram penninckx
Date of Work: 03/15/20 - Ongoing
Updated: 04/22/21
Location: Brussels
(Updated Wednesday April 21 2021)

On March the 16th 2020 the Belgian government imposed a nationwide lockdown . My part-time job as an ICT-project manager became a fulltime job, my personal and commercial photo-projects drifted into the background. The problem is I can’t live without photography, I found out the hard way that this is inextricably linked to my wellbeing.

For a lot of parents, the combination of homeschooling and teleworking is a heavy burden. We all love our kids, but we’re also obliged to work from home, a next to impossible balancing act.

I’m fully aware we’re part of the lucky few. We have a fast internet connection, the kids have a computer, tablet and smartphone to do schoolwork, play games and make video-calls to their grandparents and friends. But we still face a daily struggle to be a good parent and employee, even with the resources we have at our disposal. Millions of families around the world are not that lucky, I can only imagine what they are going through.

The lockdown went towards the exit and a new normal was imposed. A year and a couple of lockdowns and covid-19 waves later the memory of a pre-corona era faded like a yellowed picture from a dusty family photo album.


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