Bram Penninckx

Documentary photographer
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Location: Brussels, Belgium
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: My name is Bram Penninckx and I’m a photographer based in Brussels. Ever since I was a teenager, I was fascinated by photography.  Via successively the local art school, a specialized secondary school for audio-visual arts and the... read on
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Photobook 'Brussels En Route'
bram penninckx
Nov 16, 2018
Location: Brussels, Belgium
‘The purpose of the trip is the journey.’

Brussels En route is the cumulation of a year and a half long journey on Brussels’ public transport. During this period, photographer Bram Penninckx travelled with every bus, tram, and metro line at least once, from terminal to terminal.

The images and text in this book show a cross section of Brussels, while also managing
to give a brief glimpse into the lives of the mysterious fellow passengers that cross our
path every day. Brussels En Route - PHOTO BOOK
Brussels En Route website