Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

Communal Space: Bus Stops in Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: African American
Biography: Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin (b. 1977) is a Los Angeles based photographer whose work focuses on the urban environment. By exploring the relationship between a neighborhood’s physical composition and the lives of those who inhabit it, his photo essays... read on
Public Story
Communal Space: Bus Stops in Los Angeles
Credits: kwasi boyd-bouldin
Date of Work: 10/01/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/24/19
Location: Los Angeles, CA


When people think of Los Angeles, many overlook the central role that public transportation plays in the lives of many residents. The most prolific aspect of this system is the ubiquitous bus stop. In a society where physical human interaction is becoming scarce, the bus stop serves an important role in strengthening the underlying fabric that ties the city together.

Project Text:

Bus Stops in Los Angeles serve a critical role in many neighborhoods. They remain one of the only ways to experience a side of Los Angeles that many never see. Society places a premium on limited human contact but public transportation emphasizes the communal nature of city life. The bus stop is the gateway to that experience, acting as a space to interact with neighbors and fellow commuters.

All types of people take the bus in Los Angeles. From the elderly to high school students, it’s hard to imagine another setting with a more eclectic collection of people. These shared experiences create the rare opportunity for people to make spontaneous, real world connections. It’s not always a quiet or pleasant trip but we all get there together. Sometimes, that’s the point of the journey.

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