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Nothing new in Dzaleka
Location: Montreal, Canada
Nationality: French
Biography: Adil Boukind is an emerging documentary photographer, born in France and based in Montreal. He is currently traveling in South Asia and is available for assignement.  Adil's work focuses on the integration of ancestral practices in the... MORE
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Nothing new in Dzaleka
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Updated Apr 2020
Location malawi
Topics Children, Community, Discrimination, Documentary, Essays, Fear, Freedom, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Immigration, Isolation, Minority, Oppression, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Still life
Dzaleka camp is what you might call a refugee town. Home to 41,000 souls, mostly Congolese, but also from Burundi, Rwanda, and Ethiopia, this camp-city seems to be suspended in time. Several families have three generations in Dzaleka, but those born there are unfortunately stateless and will not potentially be able to leave the camp. Some are able to do so with special permits in the rare cases where they find jobs in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.

Despite this difficult situation, the biggest enemy of the inhabitants is boredom. If they cannot find a job, many turn to religion: there are nearly 200 churches in the camp. This wandering through the camp tries to show the slowness in which the refugees live.

Le camp de Dzaleka est ce que l’on pourrait appeler une ville de réfugié. Maison de 41 000 âmes, essentiellement congolaises, mais aussi du Burundi, du Rwanda, et d’Éthiopie, ce camp – ville semble être suspendu du temps. Plusieurs familles possèdent trois générations à Dzaleka, mais ceux qui sont nés sont malheureusement apatrides et ne pourront potentiellement quitter le camp. Certains le peuvent grâce à des autorisations spéciales dans les rares cas où ils trouvent des emplois à Lilongwe, la capitale du Malawi.

Malgré cette situation difficile, le plus gros ennemi des habitants est l’ennui. À défaut de se trouver un emploi, beaucoup se tournent vers la religion : il existe près de 200 églises dans le camp. Cette errance à travers le camp tente de montrer cette lenteur dans laquelle vivent les réfugiés.
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Nothing new in Dzaleka by Adil BOUKIND
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