Documentary photographer and photojournalist
Location: Montreal, Canada
Nationality: French
Biography: Adil Boukind is an emerging documentary photographer, born in France and based in Montreal. He is currently in the process to move to the Middle East.  Adil's work focuses on the integration of ancestral practices in the context of modern... read on
Media News
The Globe and Mail: a Portrait of Olympic Diver
adil boukind
Jan 4, 2022
Location: Montreal
Right before the end of 2021, I had the chance and honor to sign my first picture in the Canadian newspaper's The Globe and Mail. Thank you the amazing Globe's editor Clare Vander Meersch as this assignment was a collaborative effort between two journalists and four photographers.
A troubling number of Canadian Olympians are bingeing, purging and starving themselves. Inside the eating-disorder problem in elite amateur sports
Researchers say eating disorders are an underdiagnosed problem among athletes. The Globe and Mail examines its root causes - from a fear of failure, to questionable coaching methods, to a toxic culture that enables it

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A year with Le Devoir

By Adil BOUKIND / Montreal — As another year ends (and a weird one), the French Canadian  Le Devoir  devotes one of its page to..
News Spotlight

Full member of Diversify photo

By Adil BOUKIND / Canada — I am happy to announce I have become a Full member of Diversify after two years in the Up Next Roaster. This..

Exhibited at Barro Objectif

By Adil BOUKIND / France — I am glad to have had my work exhibited in the French festival of photojournalism Barro Objectif with my..
Media News

Le Monde:A Mossoul, le Louvre au chevet du patrimoine irakien

By Adil BOUKIND / Iraq — I am honored to have my first publication in Le M Magazine from Le Monde. I documented the reconstruction..

In Mosul

By Adil BOUKIND / Mosul, Iraq — I am glad to announce that I finally arrived in Mosul, Iraq. I will be working here for the next following..

Antoine D├ęsilets award

By Adil BOUKIND — I have been honored to receive a Antoine Désilets award. This prize recognise the best news pictures..

Photographing Pope Francis in Iraq

By Adil BOUKIND / IRaq — I am glad to announce I will be in Iraq for the Pope Francis historic visit in Iraq as I will attend the..

In Istanbul

By Adil BOUKIND / Istanbul — I just arrived in Istanbul and will be staying in the Middle East for the next few months. I will be..

Photographing 2020 for Le Devoir

By Adil BOUKIND — 2020 was quite different for me than what I planned. Fortunately, I was lucky to work as Freelance..

Recipient of @InsideNatGeo's Emergency Fund for Journalists

By Adil BOUKIND / Montreal — I am deeply honoured to become a recipient of the National Geographic Society’s Emergency Fund for..

Kalaripayattu in France

By Adil BOUKIND / France — My documentary on the Kalaripayattu will be exhibited at the French photography festival Barro Objectif. 20..
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The Nepali Honey Hunters in Dinette

By Adil BOUKIND / Montreal — My first reportage, which happen to never have been published on paper, was printed in the beautiful..

Item mentorship

By Adil BOUKIND / Montreal — I am happy to announce I have been selected to take part in the Item Collective mentorship program. For the..

Print sale with Diversify !

By Adil BOUKIND — The Diversify Photo COVID-19 Relief Print Sale launched YESTERDAY! All photographs sold will support..
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2019: My Year In Review

By Adil BOUKIND / Montreal — I wanted to take some time to look back on my year 2019. This one was particularly interesting and allowed..

Bangalore in Quebec Science

By Adil BOUKIND / Bangalore — I am glad to have some of my pictures in the French-Canadian magazine Quebec Science. This piece was a..
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Eddie Adams Workshop XXX II

By Adil BOUKIND / New York City — I took part to the 32nd edition of Eddie Adams Workshop. I am proud to have taken part to this workshop as I..

My work exhibited at Zoom Photo Festival

By Adil BOUKIND / Chicoutimi — I have been honoured to have my work "Kalaripayattu, the genesis of martial arts" exhibited at..
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