Zack Bolton

You Lost and You're Lying
Location: District of Colombia
Nationality: American
Biography: I’m a photographer and videographer originally from Upstate, NY, now based in Washington, DC. As a conservation biologist my primary interests focus on telling the stories about the unique organisms and ecosystems of the world and the... MORE
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You Lost and You're Lying
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Updated Dec 2020
Location Washington, DC
Topics Civil Rights, Confrontation, Discrimination, Elections, Emotion, Fear, Human Rights, Militias, Pandemics, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics
A number of Trump support rallies took place during the day on Saturday December 12, 2020, two days before the electoral  college votes to verify Joe Biden as the upcoming United States President. Present were: Proud Boys, Women for America and other pro-Trump groups. The large crowds were mostly maskless.
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Zack Bolton
You Lost and You're Lying by Zack Bolton
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