Zack Bolton

Location: District of Colombia
Nationality: American
Biography: I’m a photographer and videographer originally from Upstate, NY, now based in Washington, DC. As a conservation biologist my primary interests focus on telling the stories about the unique organisms and ecosystems of the world and the... MORE
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Jay Day
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Updated Jul 2020
Location Washington DC
Topics Animals, Babies, Bird, Birth, Dc, Environment, Photography, Urban, Washington, Wildlife
This adult blue jay had its work cut out.

Keeping track of two fledgling jays while gathering bugs and seeds to feed them—the only rest coming after the babies were so full they fell asleep on the ground. The adult jay perched up in a nearby tree, keeping an ever watchful eye on its sleeping babes below, all while taking a few moments to preen and take a much deserved rest.

About an hour later the grown jay flew into a nearby maple tree, quickly followed by two impatient and uncoordinated newborns.
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