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Documentary Photographer + Wedding Photographer
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Location: Malaga, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Antonio 'Boalis'  Moreno is a documentary photographer and wedding photographer with more than ten years of experience.  Known as Antonio Boalis, a play on Lisboa, which is the name of the capital Lisbon in Portuguese.  You... read on
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Updated 07/21/21
The city of San Francisco boasts of being the favorite destination of those who visit the United States, thanks to its friendly people and its charming european style.

Unfortunately it is also known for being the city with the highest number of homeless people in the country; "America's homeless capital," with more than 10,000 of its less than 800,000 residents living on the streets. A much higher percentage than in New York City (data collected in 2005, when the essay was carried out).

The problem originated in the late '70s, at the height of the indigenous "hippie" culture, when ex-combatants from Vietnam who did not achieve stable employment and young drug addicts escaped from their homes began sleeping on the streets of San Francisco...

* I came across this topic by chance, as the purpose of my trip was purely touristy. In contrast, I also portrayed the magical beauty of the city in a Fine Arts serie of 12 pictures:


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