Antonio Boalis

Documentary Photographer + Wedding Photographer
Medio Mediterraneo
Location: Malaga, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Antonio 'Boalis'  Moreno is a documentary photographer and wedding photographer with more than ten years of experience.  Known as Antonio Boalis, a play on Lisboa, which is the name of the capital Lisbon in Portuguese.  You... read on
Private Story
Medio Mediterraneo
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Updated 03/25/21
The name translates as Middle Mediterranean (Sea) and in turn the name of this sea in Latin means "sea in the middle of the lands". I titled the essay that way because of phonetics, although in reality the area covered is much less than half, only between Civitavecchia (port of Rome) and Cagliari (capital of Sardinia), since the Mediterranean stretches from Gibraltar to Lebanon.

I made the trip three times, seeking to photograph the soul of the act of traveling, with the special meaning that being in the open sea, surrounded by only water and silence gives.

If I had to choose a musical theme to accompany these photographs, it would undoubtedly be "Hope", by Natacha Atlas & Nitin Sawhney: