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Location: Spain
Nationality: Spain
Biography: ABOUT ME I have been taking photos since I was 14, but at first only to use them as references when still being an oil painter. Beginning A few years later I learned the use of the camera from Joao Mourao in the city of Lisbon (Lisboa in... read on
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Updated 07/20/21
"Matanza" is the Spanish word for the act of slaughtering a pig. Of unknown origin, it was practiced already in the Middle Ages and is widespread throughout Europe, Asia and some Latin American countries, such as Mexico or Argentina.

In rural Spain it is typical to carry out a "matanza" in any important celebration that takes place during the winter. The animal is fed with quality products throughout the year, especially in the last months, coinciding with the fall of the acorn, to then be slaughtered between December and February.

Part of the animal is eaten the same day and with the other part sausages are made to be eaten during the rest of the year. The "matarife" (slaughterer in English) is the person who cuts the neck of the animal while the rest of the men grab it, until it bled to death. No type of sedative or anesthesia is applied to the pig, since they would remain in its meat. The grunts it emits during the sacrifice are not easy to forget.


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