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Woodstock, Nixon, Stonewall and the Man on the Moon: 50 Years Since 1969
bloomberg businessweek
Jun 9, 2019
A photo essay showing the impact of ’69 on technology, politics and culture.
By Ian Fisher, Marisa Gertz, and Philip Brian Tabuas

The ’60s had to go out with a bang. Few years would top 1968, with its extremes of love and violence as the boomers clawed their way to dominance. If 1969, now half a century ago, was a period, it ended a very full sentence that anticipated the next. Remember. The first man on the moon. The 747 and the Concorde. Stonewall and Woodstock. Monty Python and Led Zeppelin. The start of Richard M. Nixon’s presidency, the last performance by the Beatles. The first message sent via a protocol that would become the internet. The year fulfilled old promises but planted a flag for broader advances in technology, politics, the arts. And Iggy Pop.


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