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Location: Toronto
Nationality: Canadian
Biography:     Brent Foster is director and filmmaker based in Ontario, Canada. Before moving into film, Foster worked as a photojournalist for editorial clients including TIME, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Globe and Mail,... read on
Public Story
Credits: brent foster
Date of Work: 03/01/17 - 04/03/17
Updated: 05/01/17
Location: uganda

After a lifelong career as a government midwife, Mary "Nalongo" Kamya retired from her job and set up a clinic in her own home in the rural district of Lutengo, Uganda.

Nalongo (which means the mother of twins) now delivers babies in her rural community and works hard to educate the women she lives amongst through teaching them family planning and women's rights as a mission to empower them and shape the future of her village.

Nalongo has a dream to one day build a permanent clinic near her home as a way to better serve the women and children she cares for. A place that will be there to help for generations to come.

To learn more about Nalongo's dream, and to hear from the supervising doctor who oversees the district, please have a look at our second video "Nalongo's Dream" here:

You can directly help Nalongo achieve her dream by visiting our GoFundMe page here:

View the behind the scenes of the making of the films here:


Directed by: Brent Foster 
Director of Photography: Pawel Dwulit 
Producer: Tammy Foster 
Edited by: Peter Schnobb and Brent Foster
Title Design and Animation: Reactiv
Sound Design: Defacto Sound 
Colorist: Dmitry Kuznetsov 
Video Cover Art: Andra Tutoveanu 
Music: "Prayer" by One Hundred Years (The Music Bed)
"We've Come So Far-Instrumental" by Robert Shirey Kelly (The Music Bed)
Fixers: Asiimwe Timothy Jackson
Wendy Razak Samakula
Driver: Livingstone Ssemujju

Special Thanks:

Mary “Nalongo” Kamya 
Namusu Florence 
Godfrey Semuli
Nabwami Joahn 
Lutengo United Secondary School 
Lutengo B Village 
Dr. Anthony Kkonde 
Prossie Nalwadda
Child Care and Youth Empowerment Foundation (CCAYEF) Staff and Volunteers
Erica Mills

This project is dedicated in memory of Frank Dymock and to all those living their legacy on a daily basis.

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