Roni Ben Ari

Ocean of Garbage
Location: Israel
Nationality: Israeli
Biography: My name is Roni Ben Ari. I am an Israeli photographer, curator and multimedia Artist. My work is characterized mostly by the long term study of social issues in which the human landscape comprises the main part. I adore people, whoever they are... MORE
Public Story
Ocean of Garbage
Copyright Roni Ben Ari 2023
Updated Oct 2021

My project is in stills photography showing Hiriya, formerly Israel’s largest landfill and now an extensive waste transfer station. A sea of consumer products and used packaging reach their final stage here and are laid to die. Like a man struggling against the waves of a cruel, mighty sea – so as an artist, my self, feels like standing on top of the observatory spot in front of the huge gushes of waste, threatening to engulf me. The act of documentation becomes a warning sign against the mounting hazards of trash in our world

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