Bethanie Mitchell

Documentary Photographer
Blue Stories
Location: Seattle,Washington
Nationality: American
Biography:     Bethanie Mitchell is an American documentary photographer, visual journalist, educator, and author currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She has long been interested in colonialism, conflict, insurgency, and non-state actors.... read on
Public Story
Blue Stories
Credits: bethanie mitchell
Updated: 01/26/21
It’s 2021 and the pandemic is raging.  The road calls, so I take a lone journey down Highway 101 where my final stop is to be somewhere on the Oregon coast.  The cursive note on my dashboard reads, don’t swim, resist!  I land at Seal Rock with its haunting monolithic rock forms and spectral waves.  This edge of the Pacific steals several mesmerized souls each year.  

Lazy seals and forced funerals of cormorant sea birds, encapsulate the eight hours of photographing and eight hours of tide changes.  I hear whispers on the waves of ships lost at sea, microscopic people flow and disintegrate through a salty ingress.  Ancient stories and present day beautiful tragedies wash my feet.  I feel linked and close to those thousands of miles from here; another place, the coastline of a different country. I could swim here…forever.  I remind myself as my tripod falls and I slip down mossy rock, never turn your back on the ocean.  

Seal Rock, Oregon as detailed through the moving image, as well a fine art photography.  Each image is from an original 35mm negative and lith printed on 20 year old expired black and white silver gelatin paper and selenium toned for unique color range and archival permanence.

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