Bethanie Mitchell

Photographer & Journalist
Guantanamo Prison Camp
Location: Seattle,Washington
Nationality: American
Biography: Bethanie Mitchell is an independent documentary photographer, journalist, and artist, as well as an experienced photographic educator currently based in Seattle, Washington.  She is interested in the aftermath of conflict and human... read on
Public Story
Guantanamo Prison Camp
Credits: bethanie mitchell
Date of Work: 01/01/09 - 01/01/09
Updated: 12/13/19
Location: Cuba
Guantanamo Bay detention camp (GTMO) run under the Joint Task Force (JTF) at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is America's most controversial prison. While on a photographic assignment at Guantanamo Bay’s detention facilities during Ramadan, the Joint Task Force communicated that President Trump’s executive order to allow detention center operations to be made permanent was passed. The military prison, located on a plot of land in communist Cuba, has been an expensive and polemical topic and on the frontlines of American history. The once temporary detention center operation is to be opened indefinitely and the cost of running it is not being released under the Trump administration. President Obama had wanted to shut down the expensive and controversial prison, which his administration said costed $450 million a year to run. Under President Trump, the current status of GTMO are plans that look thirty to fifty years in the future, along with a design for future prisoners. In addition, the JTF are preparing for an aging prison population. The cases of the forty prisoners who are left, seem to swim in the uncertainty of ever being finalized. Plans for wheelchair ramps and an aging prison population’s medical needs are in the works. The expensive undertaking would also see that a new Camp VIII be built for geriatric needs in mind. In light of the current plan to make operations permanent, JTF is asking for $69 million in order to upgrade for the future of detention center operations. 


By Bethanie Mitchell —

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