Bethanie Mitchell

Documentary Photographer
Location: Seattle,Washington
Nationality: American
Biography:     Bethanie Mitchell is an American documentary photographer, visual journalist, educator, and author currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She has long been interested in colonialism, conflict, insurgency, and non-state actors.... read on
Public Story
Credits: bethanie mitchell
Updated: 07/02/20
Antara is a visual monograph that depicts the Burmese Buddhist ceremony of Shinbyu.  This religious and cultural rite of passage is told through my half Burmese son's Buddhist initiation ceremony for novice monks in his father's village, which is located in a remote destination in the far north of Myanmar.  Yarrow, born in Yangon during the year of the Saffron Revolution has grown up living between two very different countries, that of America and that of Myanmar. Together, mother and son explore how this dynamic has shaped his outlook on his young life so far.

Antara is an exploration that deals with the intersection of countries, culture, and family. It is a celebration of lineage and tradition, while also embracing the art of one’s individuality and diversity.    

•This gallery displays, but a few of the images in my book.  As a conscious decision related to my artistic integrity and my lack of interest in the commercialization of my personal experience, I have decided to publish only 26 books, no more, no less.

The 7 X 7 (18 X 18 cm) monograph
Author & Illustrator: Bethanie Mitchell
ISBN: 978-0578719238
Published 2020
Self-Published by Bethanie Mitchell of Naga publications.
Hardcover, Linen
Pages 126

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