Bethanie Mitchell

Documentary Photographer
An American Backyard
Location: Seattle,Washington
Nationality: American
Biography: Bethanie Mitchell is an independent documentary photographer, author, journalist, and artist, as well as an educator currently based in Seattle, Washington.  She works on projects and assignments while also teaching photography workshops. She... read on
Public Story
An American Backyard
Credits: bethanie mitchell
Date of Work: 01/01/19 - 01/01/09
Updated: 12/13/19
Way down in the hot Mohave Desert, sparsely populated towns call Joshua Tree National Park their backyard. My sister's world is this moonscape environment. The lack of loud life is confirmed by the deadening silence found amongst dry cracked earth, thirsty trees, and a sign just down the desert highway that reads, "No services for 100 miles." While I'm in America, I relate to my sister's love of solitude and privacy. A hike of appreciation for the landscape of America and the memories of my sister's American backyard. Medium format lithographic prints on silver gelatin fiber paper. Recent additions toned in Lapsang Souchong. Hand printed by the photographer.

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