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Fatemeh Behboudi

Documentary Photographer
Lost Memories
Location: Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Fatemeh  Behboudi   ( Photojournalist  and  Documentary  photographer )   was  born  (1985) in  Tehran , Iran.   She  started  Professional  Photography  at  2007 ... read on
Public Story
Lost Memories
Credits: fatemeh behboudi
Date of Work: 03/15/19 - 04/16/19
Updated: 04/07/20
What happens if one day all the good memories of your life are lost?
Memories of the best moments of you with those people who were a part of your life . those who were laughed and cried at important events By your side And they taught you how to change and become complete and better person . people who aren't alive right now, and their photos are the only thing you have about them .

In the early days of the iranian New Year  "From mid-March to April 2019" widespread flash flooding affected large parts of Iran, most severely in Golestan, Fars, Khuzestan, Lorestan, and other provinces .

Iran has been hit by three major waves of rain and flooding over the course of two weeks  which led to flooding in at least 26 of Iran's 31 provinces and at least 78 people were killed, 1137 injured and about 300,000 displaced. In the incident, 26 provinces and more than 4,400 villages were affected by rain and floods, which damaged more than 14,000 kilometers of the country's roads in more than 68,000 points in Iran and caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to water and agriculture infrastructures.
In the meantime, many flooded families lost their family photos and from the very first days they looked for their lost memories.
Photos of the first migration of Turkmen women to iran  "seventy years ago "  or  the image of a soldier who were killed during the Iran-Iraq war or the image of a young grandparent who was in the early years of their lives and ... .

Missing family photos challenging human identity
Who was he/she? How was his/her past? What have been the best and most important events of his/her life and how have they happened?

when I was busy with photography  many people asked me  :Can we reconstruct our photos with Photoshop?
 Because these photos are our identity, and if we lose them, it's like we've never had a past.
 "The past will never be repeat again  "  .


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