Roberto (Bear) Guerra

El Mercado
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Nationality: USA
Biography: Bear Guerra is a photographer whose work addresses globalization, development, and social and environmental justice issues. He was a 2013-2014 Ted Scripps Fellow in Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado - Boulder , a 2014... read on
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El Mercado
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Updated 03/21/15
Location quito, ecuador

Work from ongoing project documenting everyday life and activities in and around the sprawling Mercado de San Roque in Quito, Ecuador.

Every weekend thousands of Quiteños crowd one of the city's largest, oldest, and most bustling neighborhood markets in search of the cheapest food, clothes, furniture, and second-hand (often stolen) goods that can be found in the capital. The neighboorhood in which the market is the nucleus, San Roque, is one of the most historic in Quito, and still has one of the largest indigenous populations in the city. It also has a rebellious history, as it was the area from which a revolt against the Spanish colonial government was launched in the early 1800's.

And it is here, in this mercado - I would suggest - that one can most clearly see, hear, and feel the heartbeat of this unique city.


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