Adeyinka Yusuf

Photographer and Film-maker
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Adeyinka is a photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2013, he started Street Shooters NG, a street photography collective and the following year was selected to lead a photo-walk as part of the Nigerian Photography Expo and Conference (NIPHEC).... read on
Public Story
Goat meat, known as "Ogufe" in local parlance, is a highly-coveted type of meat in Nigeria. Either you are dining out or purchasing raw from the meat shops, Ogufe usually commands a higher price than other meats in the market. Mostly sourced from animal farmers in Northern Nigeria, they are transported in large trailers to other parts of the country. Meat sellers then go to abattoirs close to them to purchase live goats and have them slaughtered and processed before they go on sale in their shops.
The chain of commerce that goes into having goat meat on your plate lends to the steep price over other meats like beef and chicken.
Though having a culinary taste that makes it a favourite with most people, the practise of using tire- fuelled furnaces poses a health risk to everyone, even those who don’t fancy it.

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